Thursday, October 14, 2010

When the moment grabs you

...don't you dare play hard to get! It's _the_ moment, AKA Godot, and you only know of it because you wait for it. If some odd, serendipitous confluence has caused it to intersect your timeline then, the laws of Physics be damned, just make room for it in your space-time and hang on to it for dear life.

Yes, it's here and now... and no, you vain fool, it wasn't looking for you. You were the one waiting, remember? Because that's all that you could scare up: draining, debilitating, unmoving patience. A sham of a virtue, raised to the desiccated level where possibilities become sterile.

Happenstance being your only hope, submit to this one as if death had been rendered extinct by rampant constancy. It is your only chance to live, to thrive, to be consumed to your very core, to ravenously craft your exquisite ruin.

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