Thursday, March 02, 2006

Got some stuff down before noon today

...and I've yet to have the first cup of that miracle chai...which is brewing, BTW. They were only short scenes, with little dialog; still, better than nothing!

The next scene is in a gym, which will be tough to shoot, but there's no way to avoid a gym scene when your character is a Manhattan yuppie clone wannabe, who likes Chelsea boys. Besides, all movies are a pain to make; so, if you're gonna make one, then might as well go all out, to the extent that your budget will allow...

The cart's getting ahead of the horse again. This is no time to be thinking about dealing with the real world. The script needs to get written first.

I'm thoroughly enjoying working with Celtx. I found this open-source software for "digital pre-production" a few weeks ago, when I was struggling to get started. It has made the mechanics of writing very easy, which is a boon, given how excruciating it has been to launch and maintain this damn creative process...

Here comes the chai...and I say, it's alright! Chai, chai, chai, here it comes!

It's cold, snowy, damp, and generally gloomy, outside. Inside, it's warm, quiet, unshaven, unshowered, and out of shape. The table-lamp illuminates just enough to show that the mind bone is connected to the finger bones, which are connected to the laptop bone, which is connected to the broadband bone, which takes my bits and bytes to their special place in a glorious never-never land, where all manners of things are accomplished in the most compelling of ways, untouched by the rough hands of reality.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chai Chai Chai*

* Sorry, Aretha.

Wow! It's about 2 hours before the usual time when I get to this. Lunch is done, and I'm only waiting for the chai, which is just about ready. I'm letting it simmer, so it'll be nice and strong...

Anywho...the characters are getting fleshed out with every scene. They reveal themselves to me as the story seems to be getting uncovered through my keyboard. Not sure what I have to do with it, which is just as well, because I can disown it if it isn't a cool read when it's done. Yeah, it doesn't have to be mine unless I like it. Good, that takes care of that.

But what if it's really crap? No, I mean, all those B-movies that make me go, "That's a bad script!" Or worse, it could be worse than all the Hollywood crap, and I won't even have the multi-million dollar budget to make up for it with big stars and spectacular special effects...shit, this chai better start doing its thing soon! If I end up in a universe where I want to get an Oscar, and actually get it -- there's an original idea for a Sliders episode -- the only thing I could honestly thank would be this f**cking chai! Or, I could make millions by marketing this incredible Anglo-Sino-Indian tea that unlocks the doors to productive vistas, steeped in deep, creative hues! Oh, who am I kidding? I'd never make the millions, I'd just blend into the vistas and create new hues of my own...well...a girl can dream, can't she?

OK then, let's get going before the chai wears off...