Friday, February 10, 2006

Just write, dammit!

Writing 101. Peter Elbow. No stopping to google for the link. Just gotta keep at it. Yes, this is how. Thoughts are all tied up, gotta keep from trying to untie them. Whatever strands I can get at are enough. Where do I start?

Start here, now. It can come together later. Or not. Is this how them writers do it? Wow...weird! Can this be done without caffeine? Nothing can be done without caffeine, can it? No, this that brave and new a world?

So, now what? More of the same? Can't help stopping to think, look at all angles, nothing is simple...yeah, well, that's why it doesn't get written. This better help getting it written. Is it 10 minutes yet? Should I be tired now? Maybe I am and it just hasn't registered. Where do I go from here?

That's right, start a new paragraph. Now, go reheat that chai...

Took a piss while nuking the chai, left it there too long, half of it boiled over, oh well... Could write about the pissing and other bodily functions, a la Andy Sullivan...fight the urge to google that. Not going back to correct spelling errors is hard, as is going back to replace a word with a better one. Suddenly I'm hungry.

Maybe the chai will pet down the hunger. It's piping hot, so gotta wait before's fine now. Switched my caffeine agent a couple of days ago. No more coffee, it was making my stomach upset, so I became a masala chai expert overnight. Been considerably happier (peppier?) since the switch. I like that in a disposition...well, more accurately, my disposition. And here I am just doing it, just like the swoosh wants everyone to.

Still haven't returned to the gym, though. Guess I'll be a "bear" for now. Uh-oh, is it OK to go on a tangent? I think it is, but this tangent is not a fun one. Could end up wondering about a good tangent to take, but that would be a tangent to this free flowing trajectory, and that's one tangent that's forbidden here. Thank god there's that rule, otherwise this could become an extension of my limbo, which I'd languish in, if I weren't here. Being a non-Catholic, it's not something I can rid myself, don't need to google that either.

So, where can this end? How can I know when to stop? Right here is fine, I think. Not bad for a first attempt. Can I now indulge my compulsion to google and fill in the links? Yay!

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