Thursday, January 26, 2006

If I blog, I will write...

well, that's the hope, anyway. My other blog, where one would expect this kind of stuff to go, feels like it requires my writing to be a little more grown up, as it were. So, I figured that this is where I can emulate a kid, and play with words and thoughts and insights and observations and any other toys that I can conjure up, without having my imagination skills judged too harshly (by me.)

I'm also trying to put my time where my instincts are. These instincts, however, fear the physical world that this time is a bridge to. When exposed to the physical world, they tend to lose their claim on reality, which the tangible realm wraps around itself like a flag, as if it were an American President waging a war on intangibilism: "You're either real, or you're intangible." The intangible, it would seem, has as much claim on reality as an American liberal does, these days, on patriotism.

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